• Dominus update 1.1

    This update is totally advocated to performance with ASM optimizations of whole processing areas reducing CPU usage from 4-5% average and up to 25% less peaks.

    + Low level assembly optimizations affecting all the synthesizer (filters, effects, routing, math operations, poly sections, envelopes and more)

    + Mono4 processing for less CPU usage according to SSE2

    + New master section ASM optimized with db meters

    + integrated noise in osc3 directly into the main osc

    + Totally rewritten envelopes DSP in ASM

    And more...



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  • Version 2.5.1 Update!

    - Mono processing
    - CPU usage reduction
    - Bidirectionl splitter
    - New amplifier ASM optimized
    And many more...


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  • April fools discounts
  • Hardcore Kicks VSTi 2.5.1 update
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