• Dominus update 1.1

    This update is totally advocated to performance with ASM optimizations of whole processing areas reducing CPU usage from 4-5% average and up to 25% less peaks.

    + Low level assembly optimizations affecting all the synthesizer (filters, effects, routing, math operations, poly sections, envelopes and more)

    + Mono4 processing for less CPU usage according to SSE2

    + New master section ASM optimized with db meters

    + integrated noise in osc3 directly into the main osc

    + Totally rewritten envelopes DSP in ASM

    And more...



    We announce our "April Fools" sales!

    All our products are available with 40% off from 1st April to 13th April 2014.

    Dont miss this opportunity to get one of our VSTi plugins or Soundwares.

  • Version 2.5.1 Update!

    - Mono processing
    - CPU usage reduction
    - Bidirectionl splitter
    - New amplifier ASM optimized
    And many more...


  • Superb Special pricing! only 19.95 EUR!
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    Special pricing will be available for a limited period!!!

    Now with instant activation 2.0!

  • April fools discounts
  • Hardcore Kicks VSTi 2.5.1 update
  • Dominus Special price!

Web Design

on .

Need a website?

If you need a dynamic website and you don't know "how to", i can build a website for you. My sites are built with CMS (content management systems) like Jooma! with cool graphical stuff.

A website from mine uses technologies: PHP, MYSQL, CSS3, JavaScript, HTML5, cURL and also SSL connections if required.

How much cost?

The price of service can be 20 Eur to max 80 eur depending on the website you need.
If i need to manage updates and maintainances this will have an extra cost of 10-20 eur/year.
A normal E-commerce site, or a community/blog will cost you 20-30 EUR max.
If you need also a webhosting, i can provide it for you with an extra cost of 20 Eur year. (10gb space,unlimited brandwidth, 2 databases, 1 email)
Contact me including the information about your future site (features, type, need host?) to know the price of the work.

What kind of website you need?

i Can create different kind of websites depending on what you need. So i suggest some and you can ask me for these stardards or provide me all the stuff you'd like in yours.

  • Communities
  • Forums
  • News Portals
  • E-commerce
  • Personal pages
  • Companies sites
  • Blogs
  • Listings (e.g. Property, cars or like ebay announces)
  • Downloads sites
In your site you can have different kind of page, such as:
  • Download page (also with user upload)
  • Forum
  • Ticket system
  • User registration and user managment
  • Events
  • Music or related sections
  • E-commerce cart
  • E-commerce subscriptions
  • Listing (with user add and maybe pay for add)
  • F.A.Q.
  • Contact and other kind of forms
  • Slideshow, images gallery, video and audio players
  • Google Maps
  • Articles
As we are using Web 2.0, i add features such like:
  • Facebook integration (connection, bookmarks, like, streams, comments inside your page)
  • twitter (tickers, connections, streams, tweets, bookmarks)
  • Youtube
  • other bookmarks like myspace, likedin, hi5, Yahoo, Google, and many more! (over 400 bookmarks!)

Contact me for more informations! Check the "showcase" if you would see some sites from mine!


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