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* bufix

+ addition

- removal

Version 1.3

* Removed built-in software protection


Version 1.2.1

Make sure to install this version or plugin registration will not work!

* Fixed issue with plugin registration service

* Fixed Analog Low Pass (ALP) filter issue with stand-alone app

Version 1.2

This version breaks the compatibility of older fxp patches. Dominus can load correctly patches but many host fails to detect changes and project patch became corrupted. To avoid these issues, please export your project’s patches from older versions using Dominus before the upgrade. After the upgrade you can re-load the patch using Dominus preset manager in your older projects to recover your sound. If host does not recognize automations, simply re-assign the parameters to the automation clip.

+ Improved filters now with greater resonance (LP,HP,BP,NT)

+ 32 steps arpeggiator

+ Arpeggiator follower animation

+ Smart disable routing Matrix parameters

+ New Font and colours

+ Bigger labels with new titles and trimmed display values to cents (0.00)

+ Skins support

+ New logo and icons

+ Compressed standalone .exe

* Changed spread parameter to spread phase

* Fixed an issue with some parameters (PWM speed, Osc 2 spread fine,)

* Portamento slider shown when not in use

* Unison detune and pitch correction

- Unison 1 voice mode removed

Version 1.1

+ Low level assembly optimizations affecting all the synthesizer (filters, effects, routing, math operations, poly sections, envelopes and more)

+ Mono4 processing for less CPU usage according to SSE2

+ New master section ASM optimized with db meters

+ integrated noise in osc3 directly into the main osc

+ Totally rewritten envelopes DSP in ASM

+ General optimization of the whole software, reduced filesize and load time

* fixed noises and pops when changing presets

* Redraw issue for preset selector buttons

* Fixed filter key-track not working properly

* Fixed some issue with rear panel shown when changing presets

- old stereo amplifier

---End of 1.0.x

Version 1.0.5

+ Upgrade Instant activation to version 2.0

Version 1.0.2

+ Great CPU usage reduction

+ pass equalizer as poly stream

+ Loading time reduction

+ Less memory use

Version 1.1

+ CPU usage reduction

* Arpeggiator stuck on preset change


Version 1.0

First release


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