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  • 2 sources switchable: Wave Based or Wavetable based
  • Sample based oscillator supporting .wav 44.100 hz.
  • 3 subtractive Wavetable based oscillators
  • 79 internal Wavetable
  • Support unlimited Expansions and Custom wavetables
  • Draw waves and subtraction result preview
  • Import custom waves into waves bank
  • Automatable source mode, follow pitch (waveloader) and all osc functions


  • 7 points shaping
  • Auto resample for wav
  • Floats multiplier from 1 to 3
  • Normalized output (0;1)
  • Draw shape directly on wave preview
  • Optional shape viewer
  • Automatable multipliers, Normalize, bypass


  • 6 filter types
  • Full control over Frequency, resonance and keynote
  • 12db Lowpass, Highpass, bandpass
  • Notch, Peak
  • 24db Lowpass filter
  • ButterWorth Bandpass and Bandreject
  • Automatable Cutoff, resonance, keynote, bypass, type


  • ADSR Envelope on Amp
  • ADSR Envelope on Pitch
  • Fast envelope for oscillators mode
  • ADSR envelope on Filter
  • Draw preview of envelopes
  • Automatable envelopes


  • Wavetable based LFO
  • Support expansions and custom waves
  • Speed and rate contro
  • Routable to filter cutoff, filter resonance, filter mod, main pitch (osc) and main volume


  • 3 bands distortion
  • Frequency splitter with link
  • Automatable amount, frequency, bypass, sync


  • Bit Crusher
  • Sample-rate reducer
  • Automatable bits, sample-rate, bypass


  • 4 points control XY
  • Q Control
  • High quality precision
  • Automatable XY Points, Q, HQ, Bypass


  • Pitch bend wheel control
  • Modulation wheel control over filter cutoff
  • Midi CC values

Export possibilities (requires extender)

  • Wav conversion to 256 samples wavetable (.hkw)
  • Export Wavetable
  • Wavetable conversion to .wav 44.100 16bits
  • Wave DC offset preserve/ transform to 0
  • Auto-recall without reload plugin


  • 64 patches per bank
  • Support save/load single and complete patch/banks
  • Copy/Paste/Rename functions
  • Exported as common .FXP MIME Type


  • Support unlimited skins
  • Easy skin development
  • Version validation
  • Save default skin setting
  • "Core" and "LightinBlue" Skins included

Anti-fraud protection

  • Protection key different for any pc
  • Extender Serial Key different for any pc
  • No sound and blocked screen when not unlocked
  • Instant activation technology for in-app activation

* The standard package includes two computers activation. to install on more pc's read here.


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