How to use the plugin within a 64 bit host

Posted in Hardcore Kicks VSTi 2.x

If your 64 bit host does not have any bridge, you can use some tools for using the plugin on your sequencer.
A cool bridge is jBridge that allow to host 32 bit plugin whitin 64 bit hosts. The software fit the specifications of Hardcore Kicks VSTi.

Until the support for x64 plugins from synthmaker, you can run Hardcore Kicks VSTi 2 on your 64bit host running softwares like jBridge.

Some daw's like Cubase or Sonar has a built-in bridge that should run Hardcore Kicks VSTi 2 bridged in your x64 host.
If the plugin is not recognized, please take a look of the plugins configurations and see the DAW software manual.
For far i can say, if the original bridge not works, the better thing is to use jBridge. There are many forums, ufficial too, that confirm the validity of this software.


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